Sunday, 10 February 2013

Author Spotlight C.R. Everett


This weeks author is C.R. Everett, Her book Love Carry My Bags is her first release, C.R. Everett was born in Northern Illinois and has lived in various places over the years, currently residing in Utah. For twenty years she worked in finance, but today devotes her time to writing. She lives with her husband, two kids, Shiba Inu, and cat. When not writing, she updates her website, connects with her readers, does the mom thing, or cleans up after unruly pets. In her free time she enjoys reading, usually at the gym while on a treadmill, baking, taking walks, enjoying nature, and going to Starbucks. Mocha is her favorite.

Love Carry My Bags is about Camryn who goes through adolescence as a typical teenage girl, from first loves to travelling the world,  she deals with life the best that she can even dealing with undiagnosed ADHD in her marriage,  

The story is beautifully written and has you laughing and crying throughout, you feel captivated and cant wait to finish one page so that you can read the rest. I didn't want the book to end.

I give this book 5* on Amazon and i highly recommend you reading the book